My art is a reflection of my story, my journey and how I have managed to cope, it functions as a spiritual/emotional plaster. Every picture, is a journey not only into myself but into the progressive study of light and relationships between colour and composition. I love to be able to interact with people in my pieces, being able to study my subjects while the camera studies them, and come up with an intelligent way to portray them at the root of their characters. I often travel, and use my camera not only to document my journeys, but to document my thoughts through the pictures I take, allowing photography to become a diary in a way. I really do believe that art, creating is a reflective process enabling me to understand myself better with each piece I create. Music plays a massive part in my creation, as it adds another layer to my recording process, songs are bookmarks for my ideas and act as triggers for dormant thoughts that I’ve attached to songs heard in the past.

Art gives me the ability to act as an iconoclast and I hope that my voice and my message will cause my audience to begin to ask questions and free their thoughts.




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