I started this project in an attempt to highlight the importance of album artwork within the fine art community, whilst paying homage to an iconic musical art piece. I don’t believe album covers get the credit that they deserve in artistically presenting a musician to the world. In many cases, that piece of art is a snapshot of a musicians life journey, a life portrait. The album art should also be a representation of the album itself, a portrait of the sound in essence.

The work is a reflection of the digital revolution we are in, information moves so quickly, as do the pictures, as they go on their visual journey. Going from minimal to maximal and back, its like journeying through Tokyo.

I dont think digital art gets the respect it deserves within fine art discussions either. I made the 100 covers accessible, like an online exhibition. The internet made it accessible to the rest of the connected world and I believe that in the age we are in we should be able to access art just as easily.

I believe the music and art communities are much closer than these communities portray. I think that music is one of the main ingredients in a visual artists drive. This project highlights how important music is in that creative drive as it was created while listening to Yeezus. I am hoping musicians and artists begin to work together to create new ideas. I also look forward to the day musicians are held in as high regard as fine artists, especially within the hip hop community.

Mainstream art and underground hip hop could and should have an equilibrium. I hope this project creates a discussion between both crowds, merging the cultures. I think the merging of cultures is necessary in order for us to continue moving forward as a society.

This is my visual journey through Yeezus, thank you Mr West.

Ray Fiasco. 

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